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Welcome to my web site. I am a modeller without any commercial interest. Modelling is for my pleasure only. Ships attracted me because of my brothers influence who was a professional ship builder and worked on several yards in the northern part in Germany.
Ocean going tugs attracted me very much and so I made "Zwarte Zee" (scale 1:90) and "Smit Rotterdam" (scale 1:75) from kits. This was the road I decided to go. The offshore oil industry came into the game because I could visit the ports of Esbjerg, Aberdeen, Stavanger etc. and saw amazing ships in bright colours.
At least I had the chance to get drawings of "Edda Sun". This was the start of a long lasting time with the focus on OSVs. I still love this type of ships. My personal history with OSVs spans some fourty  years. Please see what I achieved.
When I started this web site I planned to present my own models only but in the meantime I was asked by some friends to show their models  of OSVs also. Here is the result. I am really proud of this privilege. Hope you enjoy.
Since this web site was launched in October 2016 I had some 24 000 visits. Many thanks for your interest!

What is new?
Normand Neptun and Edda Sun in scale 1:75
Far Scout in scale 1:75
Western Regent in scale 1:75
2019-02-16        Photos: Esvagt Delta
2020-06-30        My Fleet: Far Sovereign
2019-07-01        Thorax