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Welcome to my web site. I am a modeller without any commercial interest. Modelling is for my pleasure only. Ships attracted me because my brother was a professional ship builder who worked on several yards in the northern part in Germany.
He started building some models with different methods but all in scale of 1:100 as he wanted to attend competitions. In those days large interest in modelling was normal. It was simply a kind of high tech because no computers, video games etc. were available. Remote controls were introduced with very few functions compared with the standard of today.
My brothers influence braught me to focus on ships. The first models were based on kits. Fishery vessels and the famous "Adolph Bermpohl" were made in scale 1:25. Already in those early days I felt this was the wrong scale for me. All parts are very big and models of small ships were large. I decided to go the other way round: smaller models of larger blue water ships.
Ocean going tugs attracted me very much and so I made "Zwarte Zee" (scale 1:90) and "Smit Rotterdam" (scale 1:75). This was the road I decided to go. The offshore oil industry came into the game because I could visit the port of Esbjerg, Aberdeen, Stavanger etc. and saw beautiful ships in bright colours.
At least I had the chance to get drawings of "Edda Sun". This was the start of a long lasting time with the focus on OSVs. I still love this type of ships. My personal history with OSVs spans more than thirty years. Please see what I achieved.

What is new?
Normand Neptun and Edda Sun in scale 1:75
Far Scout in scale 1:75
Western Regent in scale 1:75
2017-12-26Photos:Thomas´ Model uc
2018-01-12Photos:Stefan´s Model uc
2018-01-16Photos:Tony´s Model uc
2018-02-13Photos:Alexander´s Model uc